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My ExcludeNodes list...post yours


Due to recent discussions about an ExcludeNodes list I
thought I would post mine.  Roger (or Nick?) mentioned
they do not use an ExcludeNodes list because it can
mess with Tor's load balancing but I hope this isn't
the case with my list as it only has 11 nodes.

Please post any issues you may have with this list or
any problems you find.  If Tor devs. strongly advise
against this list please let me know.

This list blocks all nodes from China and Hong Kong
along with the traffic sniffing/public posting node
"TORxUNIXGUxRU" (aka "tor.unixgu.ru")- Thanks Freeman

Most recently I included "TORxUNIXGUxRU" because they
are sniffing exit traffic and posting it! :-o 

Node NickNames for the list below:
"Andrewgao"(CN), "banxian"(CN), "fgsinternet"(CN),
"flyingboy"(CN), "lebut"(CN), "MEMPHIS"(CN),
"distro"(CN), "AABS"(HK), "linoD4sup0Oeixwa1"(HK),
"yt1n1rt"(HK), "TORxUNIXGUxRU"(DE)

The node "homedoyourbest" from China is listed it
isn't a running node.

(This list should of course be one line...)



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