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Re: Traffic Logging Suggestion

Anothony Georgeo <anogeorgeo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>What is the nick of your node?  
>I ask because after reading your posts I want to add YOUR node to my >ExcludeNodes list.
>I am not trying to be rude, it's just I don't trust you or your ability to run a >secure node.

Well well well....

A tor operator comes on line and asks, reasonably, for some explanations as to why the "safety" of the tor service has changed without notifying the server operators or the users.

That operator also calls for a tightening up of server verification/validation/registration process (or in this case we find out there is no real proecess now) and you somehow?? conclude that this tor operator is risk??? 


If you cant...

** bluff your way through it..

** be-little  or  insult the person..

** ridicule the person  as a trouble maker/moaner (re: Wes)..

you just

** slander the person by suggesting they run an unsafe server (nice one Eric & Ano)

... look kiddies ... you are only doing yourselves damage by acting in this manner.

Try to refrain from silly games in future. Humour is fun but silly games are not.

I'm sure you already knew my nick, honestly.


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