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Info: Eepsite that chains I2P and Tor


I thought someone might be interested in an Eepsite that routes traffic as so:

Broswer > I2P > Privoxy > Tor > Internet

Here is the post about this Eepsite: <http://forum.i2p.net/viewtopic.php?t=1548>

Please note I'm not endorsing this Eepsite or the chaining of Tor at all.  I havn't used this and I don't plan to as I think it is unnecessary and can reduce anonymity (like Jap > Tor > Interent).  Besides the fact browsing must slow to a crawl.

Another issue is that the Eepsite seems to be using Privoxy as MITM.  I would however suggest this to filter data from I2P:

Broswer  > Privoxy > I2P > Privoxy > Tor > Interent


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