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Re: .onion

Hmm. I had a tor site running, but now that I'm back @ school the univ blocks incoming traffic. I know about you and Alex that's why I said it. You mentioned this before several months ago; You sell flowers or something right?

Arrakistor wrote:

I am trying to get Torpark to interact with .onion addresses and need
a website to attempt to reach. Currently, torpark doesn't play well
with .onion since it does remote DNS requests.

BTW, Alex Jones attended my high school, and i've met the nut at least
once before. And he's right about me.


Sunday, August 27, 2006, 8:14:18 PM, you wrote:

What do you mean?

BTW, Alex Jones thinks you're a member of the NWO! (JK :D)


Arrakistor wrote:
I would like to test some DNS stuff I'm working on for hidden services. Are there any
.onion websites that I can demo?