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Re: Holy shit I caught 1

On Sun, Aug 27, 2006 at 09:10:05PM -0500, Mike Perry wrote:
> > I've been meaning to integrate an 'exit traffic comparison scheme'
> Yeah, this essentially does that. I suppose you would want it built in
> to Tor proper though? I dunno if I can commit the time for that,
> unfortunately. Plus C really bothers me.. Been spoiled by C++ & STL :)

Actually, it would be smarter to add a controller interface to let
the controller inform Tor of new opinions it should have. For example,
"this server is not running". Then we could do all the smarts in the
controller, where they should be.

The actual interface will be a bit delicate though, since we want Tor
to do some of the thinking and the controller to do other of the thinking.

As a first step though, we could make the controller changes sticky,
meaning that Tor doesn't do any thinking for servers that the controller
has given it an opinion on.

Any better ideas out there?

> Also, is there a complete python Tor controller? contrib/TorControl.py
> referrs to new version in CVS, but I can't find it.

Check out

Also check out Geoff's python Tor controller (which uses the above
scripts) at http://afs.eecs.harvard.edu/~goodell/blossom/