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Re[2]: Holy shit I caught 1

Not only that, it requires that you install it too. ;D


Sunday, August 27, 2006, 11:38:08 PM, you wrote:

> Thus spake Arrakistor (arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx):

>> Mike,
>> My torpark mirrors are not providing pre-localized downloads. They all
>> come in english flavor by default, but include the lang packs for
>> chinese simp and german.
>> Tell me more about the corrupt downloads, are they recent? From
>> karotte or sectoor?

> Weirdest shit in the world. Privoxy is dumping temporary failure
> messages mid-stream into the binaries, yet keeping the sizes exactly
> the same. Perhaps this was the source of the original mysterious
> binary corruption that sent me on this quest oh so long ago.
> Unfortunately then I was in a hurry and just deleted the file without
> thinking :)

> So even so, it's unsettling.. You download some app, iso, video, or
> whatever via Privoxy and it kindly tells you there's a temporary
> failure mid-binary stream. How nice of it.