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Re: Holy shit I caught 1

Mike Perry <mikepery@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thus spake Arrakistor (arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx):

> > Tell me more about the corrupt downloads, are they recent? From
> > karotte or sectoor?
> Weirdest shit in the world. Privoxy is dumping temporary failure
> messages mid-stream into the binaries, yet keeping the sizes exactly
> the same. Perhaps this was the source of the original mysterious
> binary corruption that sent me on this quest oh so long ago.
> Unfortunately then I was in a hurry and just deleted the file without
> thinking :)
> So even so, it's unsettling.. You download some app, iso, video, or
> whatever via Privoxy and it kindly tells you there's a temporary
> failure mid-binary stream. How nice of it.

How nice of you to back up your claims with enough information
to reproduce the problem. Which error message did you get and
did you verify the problem with another client?

Especially the "keeping the size exactly the same" part sounds
more like a problem in the fetching client. Are you sure that
your application doesn't retry failed fetch attempts without
caring about status codes?

Is it impossible that the download was started but the connection
broke down, your application tried again and got a "404 no such
domain", saved the error message in the binary stream and tried
again with a adjusted byte range?  


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