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What's the benefit of a permanent "EntryGuard"?


On the Mac OS X client, it always connects first to the same people. Not even refreshing the router list or changing identity solves the problem. I discovered that by deleting the "state" file I was able to establish connections with new people at the beginning of a circuit. In the "state" file I noticed three user names listed as an "EntryGuard," two of which I will always connect to if I don't delete that file. My question is, what's the security of having a person you always connect to when you don't know them? What if the person is malicious? Isn't it better to connect to different people, especially if you're not running a server? As of now, I have an automator script that deletes the "state" file in the /users/home/.tor directory each time I log into my computer.

Is this a good move on my part?