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RE: Could i use tor to login Paypal?


Paypal evaluate the fraud risks of user transactions for obvious
reasons. Using anonymous proxies will be more likely to flag you as a
potential fraudulent transaction or stolen account. I had the same issue
as the below - once cleared they don't seem to flag it again for the
same reason. This seems a sensible policy to protect users bearing in
mind the volume of fraud attempts via Paypal.

This is the same way as most online credit card processing gateway fraud
systems will flag connections via TOR or other known proxies as higher

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Fabian Keil schrieb:
> A month ago PayPal took my account hostage because they fantasised to 
> have reason to believe a third person had access to it.
> There were no unauthorised transactions, therefore I'm sure it's a 
> false alarm.
> Of course they didn't tell me their reason, but I assume it's a stupid

> one. I wouldn't be surprised if it was because a change of exit nodes 
> while I was logged in.
> Fabian
My business paypal account is locked to reduced functionality too
directly after loggin in via tor. Now i have to bring additional papers
to proof identity again.

I think they're checking the source ip against the registered home
country. So if i call from Australia (i.e. Exit Node), but i'm
registered to be living in France, they do like this. On one hand a cool
security thing, on the other hand a bad side effect of tor...

Currently i stuck at reduced paypal account.

(There were no transactions in this time)