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Re: Could i use tor to login Paypal?

Fabian Keil schrieb:
> A month ago PayPal took my account hostage because
> they fantasised to have reason to believe a third
> person had access to it.
> There were no unauthorised transactions,
> therefore I'm sure it's a false alarm.
> Of course they didn't tell me their reason,
> but I assume it's a stupid one. I wouldn't be
> surprised if it was because a change
> of exit nodes while I was logged in.
> Fabian
My business paypal account is locked to reduced functionality too
directly after loggin in via tor. Now i have to bring additional papers
to proof identity again.

I think they're checking the source ip against the registered home
country. So if i call from Australia (i.e. Exit Node), but i'm
registered to be living in France, they do like this. On one hand a cool
security thing, on the other hand a bad side effect of tor...

Currently i stuck at reduced paypal account.

(There were no transactions in this time)



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