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Re: Could i use tor to login Paypal?

Maybe, that's the reason why some people using tor will be hold by paypal. Two different ip address of login and logout

I wonder if the paypal website script can detect who use proxy or tor for the reason of fraud?


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Subject: Re: Could i use tor to login Paypal?
Jay Goodman Tamboli <jay@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2006.08.30, at 11:12, xvidivx wrote:

> I have heard someone said, It will lead to account hold?

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if PayPal
will put my account old hold if I sign in via Tor. So far I have not
seen any communications from PayPal regarding my use of Tor, nor has
my account been put on hold.

A month ago PayPal took my account hostage because they fantasised to have reason to believe a third person had access to it.

There were no unauthorised transactions,
therefore I'm sure it's a false alarm.

Of course they didn't tell me their reason,
but I assume it's a stupid one. I wouldn't be
surprised if it was because a change
of exit nodes while I was logged in.