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Re: bandwidth graph ok with only

On Wednesday 01 August 2007 09:19:46 Olaf Selke wrote:
> Hello,
> my OR still periodically shows up a 24 hours "sawtooth" bandwidth
> utilization using Regarding the dropping bandwidth every night
> GMT+2 it behaves exactly like I supposed this issue to be
> fixed with since the bandwidth utilization with
> doesn't change very much over the day.

I've done some light research on this issue and suspect (on the basis of 
fairly slender analysis) that the problem may not be entirely down to just 
the version of Tor you're using. The only way to see if it is a factor is to 
run for a while and see if the problem re-appears after a week 
or two. Would you mind doing that?

> Is there any special code introduced in fixing this issue
> and has been removed again in For the time being I think I'll
> stick to

Could you state the exact svn revision you're using at the moment? There's no 
exact release called, svn stable branch was given this version 
name on the 13th July so I'm assuming you're using a particular svn revision 
from r10822 onwards, sometime between 13th July and 17th July.  You can find 
out the revision by doing an 'svn info' in the tor svn dir.


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