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Re: bandwidth graph ok with only

Robert Hogan wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 August 2007 09:19:46 Olaf Selke wrote:
>> my OR still periodically shows up a 24 hours "sawtooth" bandwidth
>> utilization using Regarding the dropping bandwidth every night
>> GMT+2 it behaves exactly like I supposed this issue to be
>> fixed with since the bandwidth utilization with
>> doesn't change very much over the day.
> I've done some light research on this issue and suspect (on the basis of 
> fairly slender analysis) that the problem may not be entirely down to just 
> the version of Tor you're using. The only way to see if it is a factor is to 
> run for a while and see if the problem re-appears after a week 
> or two. Would you mind doing that?

and here it is: run perfectly smooth without the "sawtooth" bandwidth
pattern for about 17 days. Last Wednesday the process died again with
the "Out of memory on realloc(). Dying." error message.


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