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Re: tor servers communicating to wrong ports

Sorry, the log is just a list of blocked IPs with port numbers. There is no additional information. All my firewall gives you is a simple log file with blocked connections.
Tor works fine, so it was out of curiosity that I wanted to know, and if this is a problem for the Tor-network, I wanted to post it to the or-talk list, to inform the programmers and users.

Maybe some one else has the same thing happening with their firewall blocking tor server communication on ports 59000-65000? Maybe someone else has a firewall which gives more descriptive logs, or packed dumps? If this only happens with my firewall, then it shouldn't be a big problem for the tor-network. But if it's common, then it might be worth to investigate further.


coderman skrev:
On 8/4/07, vikingserver@xxxxxxxxx <vikingserver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 It's TCP.

i'd be curious to know if you uncover additional details (packet
dump?) to determine the nature of these connections.  it may be that
you are attempting connections to potential external servers for
reachability verification or something else of this nature.

best regards,

(is there anything in the logs to indicate the nature of these
requests as well?)