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Re: critical security vulnaribility fixed in Tor

So both you and "coderman" know how this attack is done but simply don't want to explain more? Now I understand why the answers were confusing. ;-)

Thanks for answering anyways.

Roger Dingledine skrev:
On Sat, Aug 04, 2007 at 04:40:04PM +0200, vikingserver@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Perhaps someone else has an answer for this.<br>
Nothing in coderman's short answers have made this clear to me. The
answers look rather confusing to me, sorry.<br>

(Typing on defcon network so will be quite brief)

The short answer is yes, this is an attack, and no, we're not going
to tell you exactly how it works yet. That's because several hundred
thousand people are vulnerable, and we're going to give them several
weeks to upgrade before we arm random people on the Internet with the
ability to launch this attack against them.

You should be one of the people who upgrades. :)