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Re: Proposal of a new hidden wiki

If someone sets up a wiki, why does it have to be hidden?
Is it illegal in any country to have a web page with .onion links and text?
But anyway, it might be good to have Tor encryption the whole way from client to server.

As some volunteer most likely will set up a hidden wiki, I have a suggestion.
If there is a main hidden wiki, it would be good if someone ran a backup copy that isn't editable in the case it would go down. If this backup was made daily with a simple script, or with a scheduled semi automatic ftp-software, or other solution, it would be almost up to date and ready to serve the community always. To make this easy both computers should run the same http server version etc...
The transfer could either be done openly by using ip addresses as it's not illegal in most countries to run a wiki, or it could be done hidden by using .onion addresses. The two hidden service providers never need to give out their ip in case they don't want.

I would be willing to run a backup copy, but I have only around 20kbit bandwidth. Plus everybody knows my ip address, so it wouldn't be hidden anyway. In other words I'm not suitable for running a truly hidden wiki. But on the other hand, as "Frozen flame" posted his onion address here using his email address, and possibly giving out his ip to the mailing list admins, his hidden wiki might also not be a true hidden wiki, unless he always routs his emails through Tor, another proxy or always sends his emails from an internet café. ;-)

There is a need for a good wiki showing hidden services, so please set it up. Thanks Frozen flame for being willing to help the Tor community.


Ringo Kamens skrev:
I think everybody is interested. The real solution is to use a
distributed system. Right before the fall of the hidden wiki, this had
started to happen. The hidden wiki linked to other wikis and they all
interlinked with eachother. As a result they all had the same links
and it was a lot more censorship-resistant. So go forth.
Comrade Ringo Kamens

On 8/7/07, Frozen Flame <phrozn_flame@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello, guys. Is anyone interested on the return of the hidden wiki?

I've got a hidden service running idly for months, and with no chances of
going down so soon. The URL is http://5kj3bjvapz7pm3uv.onion/ and is now
hosting only an anarchism page for tests.

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