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contradicting log entries regarding ExcludeNodes


I am running a tor client on my laptop and a tor server (nami) on
another computer.
Most of the time the laptop and the server are using the same Internet
To avoid building a circuit starting at my laptops client and ending at
my server I added following line to my torrc:

ExcludeNodes nami,$3B1CD4DC4863DD1013E7C35A6F475C28946AB909

After reloading the config i can see following log entries:

Aug 14 03:42:54.973 [notice] Tor (r11023) opening log file.
Aug 14 03:42:56.727 [notice] We now have enough directory information to
build circuits.
Aug 14 03:42:56.745 [warn] You specified a server "nami" by name, but
this name is not registered, so it could be used by any server, not just
the one you meant. To make sure you get the same server in the future,
refer to it by key, as "$3B1CD4DC4863DD1013E7C35A6F475C28946AB909".
Aug 14 03:43:00.345 [notice] Tor has successfully opened a circuit.
Looks like client functionality is working.
Aug 14 03:45:06.111 [notice] We tried for 15 seconds to connect to
'[scrubbed]' using exit 'nami'. Retrying on a new circuit.
Aug 14 03:45:06.115 [notice] We tried for 15 seconds to connect to
'[scrubbed]' using exit 'nami'. Retrying on a new circuit.

I am a little bit confused:
Tor is warning me not to use the name "nami" because it is not
registered which means it is using my ExcludeNodes settings.
A moment later tor is trying to connect somewhere using exact the server
i did not want to use.

My (complete) torrc looks like this:
SocksPort 9050 # what port to open for local application connections
SocksListenAddress # accept connections only from localhost
ControlPort 9051
ExcludeNodes nami,$3B1CD4DC4863DD1013E7C35A6F475C28946AB909

Can anybody explain this to me?