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Re: Directory issues

Josh McFarlane schrieb:
> On 8/13/07, Mike Cardwell <tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I had the same issue after upgrading. Restarting tor didn't seem to
>> help. I did:
>> rm -rf /var/lib/tor/cached-* /var/lib/tor/bw_accounting
>> followed by restarting tor, and it started working again. I wasn't sure if
>> that was just a fluke at the time so never brought it up.
> Well, that solved my circuit issue, but I'm still not sure whether or
> not it's properly pushing to the directory servers. Looking on
> http://torstatus.kgprog.com/ still lists my server as .14, and has not
> restarted my uptime even though I had to bring the service down and
> restart. Anyone have any idea why?

http://torstatus.kgprog.com/ is outdated!!!
look at the bottom: "Cache Last Updated (Local Server Time): 2007-07-31
15:45:43 GMT"

I know only 2 running servers with TNS:

http://torstat.kleine-eismaus.de/ and

These both are up-to-date.