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Re: contradicting log entries regarding ExcludeNodes

OK, so probably showing my ignorance here but if you want to 
exclude a server that is not yours, is there any way to get the 
"key" information for that server or is that sensitive to the owner 
of that box?


On Tue, 14 Aug 2007 10:29:57 -0400 Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx> 
>On Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 04:25:56AM +0200, Tristan Helmich wrote:
>> I am running a tor client on my laptop and a tor server (nami) 
>> another computer.
>> Most of the time the laptop and the server are using the same 
>> connection.
>> To avoid building a circuit starting at my laptops client and 
>ending at
>> my server I added following line to my torrc:
>> ExcludeNodes nami,$3B1CD4DC4863DD1013E7C35A6F475C28946AB909
>> After reloading the config i can see following log entries:
>> Aug 14 03:42:54.973 [notice] Tor (r11023) opening 
>log file.
>> Aug 14 03:42:56.727 [notice] We now have enough directory 
>information to
>> build circuits.
>> Aug 14 03:42:56.745 [warn] You specified a server "nami" by 
>name, but
>> this name is not registered, so it could be used by any server, 
>not just
>> the one you meant. To make sure you get the same server in the 
>> refer to it by key, as 
>This is because you specified it both as a nickname and as a key. 
>should specify it just as a key, and this warning will go away:
>ExcludeNodes $3B1CD4DC4863DD1013E7C35A6F475C28946AB909
>> Aug 14 03:43:00.345 [notice] Tor has successfully opened a 
>> Looks like client functionality is working.
>> Aug 14 03:45:06.111 [notice] We tried for 15 seconds to connect 
>> '[scrubbed]' using exit 'nami'. Retrying on a new circuit.
>> Aug 14 03:45:06.115 [notice] We tried for 15 seconds to connect 
>> '[scrubbed]' using exit 'nami'. Retrying on a new circuit.
>You should add 'SafeLogging 0' to your torrc to see what the value
>of [scrubbed] is, but I suspect this is DirPort reachability 
>Are you *sure* you're looking at your Tor client's logs? It looks 
>like your Tor server's logs.

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