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Re: contradicting log entries regarding ExcludeNodes

On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 03:35:44PM +0200, Tristan Helmich wrote:
> '' is my own webserver at this time (dynamic ip-address),
> the same as running tor node 'nami'. I also noticed my ip-address
> several times while checking ipchicken.com and whatismyip.com. I made
> sure the browser is configured to use tor (which apparently is working
> fine or i would not be able to see the notice stated above).
> I still do not understand why my tor client is building circuits ending
> at node 'nami' even if forbidden by ExcludeNodes.

My impression is that whenever Tor recognizes that it's connecting to an
address that is equivalent to an existing Tor node, it always adds an
extra hop to the circuit to end it at that node.  I take it that's
possibly overriding the ExcludeNodes in this case.  I might be wrong,
of course.

> Best regards
> Tristan

   ---> Drake Wilson