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Re: No descriptor send beeing only directory mirror

On Thu, Aug 23, 2007 at 02:10:40AM +0200, BlueStar88 wrote:
> because of some critical memory shortage on 'BlueStar88b' i've turned
> off beeing OR on this node. But for my Torstat i'd like to get "more
> fresh" directory information [1], so i'm still serving on DIR port to
> take this advantage in effect.


> I've noticed, that the DIR service is running fine, but i do not publish
> any descriptor of doing so. This does not really make sense.

Right. You're not a Tor server, so there's no need to make a descriptor
or advertise yourself to the world. You're just a directory mirror, which
we assume is to be used for private purposes, like the one you describe.

> Is this intentionally or never tested like this?

It's intentional.