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Re: Configuring DNSPort 9999

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> Major features, client usability:
>     - A client-side DNS proxy feature to replace the need for
>       dns-proxy-tor: Just set "DNSPort 9999", and Tor will now listen
>       for DNS requests on port 9999, use the Tor network to resolve them
>       anonymously, and send the reply back like a regular DNS server.
>       The code still only implements a subset of DNS.
> I added this line to my torrc file, but cannot seem to get this working.  I am running WinXP.  Do I need to change the DNS Servers on my n/w connection?  If so, to what?

You should change your n/w connections nameserver(s) to point to the
machine that runs tor and listens on port 9999. You can get your
machines ip by opening command line and typing ipconfig and pressing enter.

Though I'm not sure if it is possible to configure WXP to use nameserver
that listen to other port than 53. With Linux or BSD one can use
netfilter(?) or iptables to forward port 53 to 9999. Maybe you should
configure tor's "nameserver" to listen port 53?


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