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Some problems setting up a server


I'm new to this and apologize in advance, in case I ask questions that 
have been asked too often. I have checked the Internet up and down 
and didn't find the right answers - maybe just because I wasn't able 
to formulate the question properly.
My system: OpenSuse 10.2 with current updates, Tor, and 
yesterday added Tork 0.18 (not CVS, that didn't compile properly), as 
I prefer the graphical interfaces...

1. I started using TOR a few days ago, and yesterday managed to set up 
the server. After a while (I'm not sure how many hours) my Internet 
connection was completely gone, so that I had to restart the PC. I'm 
not sure if that has to do with using TOR as a server, but if others 
have had such an experience, I would like to know what could cause 
it, so I can fix it - if it's related.
Currently, the server is turned off.
2. I receive messages from the server in the log:
	a. You may be leaking DNS requests. 
I found out that kmail and nscd were doing that. nscd is caching DNS 
requests - should I disable that? It's said to improve performance 
quite well. Or is there a way to integrate it in TOR? Or can I just 
ignore the message?
	b. Your traffic can be eavesdropped.
Now, that is what I want to avoid. But I didn't find a hint how TOR 
found it out, or which program makes it possible, or which settings I 
have to change. I followed the book when setting it all up and was 
happy that it was working.

Can you please direct me to the right resources, where I can find 
answers, or answer me here? I try to be more specific if necessary. 
However, I am not so much familiar with the technical details, some 
terms are completely new to me and I have to learn.


Dr. Martin Senftleben, Ph.D. (S.V.U.)

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