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Re: tor can not start?!

On Tue, August 7, 2007 13:29, HF wrote:
> but for this i have some questions: everytime i use the internet, i
> use the internet-connection from my server via OpenVPN. so isn't it
> is very easy to run tor/privoxy on my server? then i could use the
> tor network from my computers in my home LAN and i could use it over
> vpn. but here is the question: what changes are needed for this?
> the ip of my server in the LAN is and the vpn server
> adress is
tor is basically a socks proxy. by default it listen only on localhost,
rejecting incoming requests from other interfaces, you only need to set it
up on your server to also listen on other interfaces and use it once
you're in the vpn. so, for example, if now you're using
once you set it up you can shutdown your local copy and use instead.
please refer to official man pages: https://tor.eff.org/tor-manual.html.en
and https://tor.eff.org/tor-manual-dev.html.en
Also take a look at the wiki, it's full of interesting stuff:


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