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Re: copyright abuse through tor

mail33@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx schrieb:
Am Samstag, den 01.08.2009, 01:35 +0300 schrieb Robas, Teodor:

Until now, it only looks like they might want to make some money by 
scarring or intimidating you. Be strong and do not give up your rights.



That is also what I am thinking.

to doc.kuehn:
You do not mention the name of this lawyer. There are certain lawyers
over here in Germany that have "specialized" in intimidating people and
thus squeezing money from them. 

atm i don't want to mention the name of the lawyer to avoid more trouble. a quick search on the inet gives more than enough results. a look at the lawyer's office website explains that they are specialized for copyright-abuse and advocate great, well known music / movie companys.