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Re: copyright abuse through tor

Jan Suhr schrieb:
> Hi doc!
> We, the German Privacy Foundation, regularly receive several of such
> requests regarding file sharing. Usually we reply the requestor
> explaining that the IP address belongs to one of our Tor servers. Also
> we explain what Tor is and that we don't have any logs thus could not
> answer their request.
> I would advice you to send them a similar reply. Lets see if this is
> sufficient. Otherwise it could be important to prove that you are
> running a Tor server (I understood you are running it at home?)
yes, the server runs at my home
> . But
> lets see...
> Please feel free to contact me directly to prepare a specific answer or
> discuss the further procedure.
> Best regards
> Jan
Hello Jan,
first, many thanks for your response and to offer your help.
Let me explain the current state regarding the abuse: since saturday i'm
in contact with a lawyer from the CCC, who provided to help me. He wrote
a letter to the lawyer's office wich accused me, appending a status from
the server descriptors for the said day of abuse. Furthermore he
appended a mail from an employee of the torproject, confirming that my
ip was running a tor-exit node. Now we are waiting for an answer from
the lawyer's office.

So far i realised: it's not enough to say 'i'm running a tor-exit node',
you must proof that a tor-node was / is running on a given ip.

On this way, many thanks and regards to CCC for the fast help!
Jan, i will write you a personal mail in correlation to this issue

Once again, sorry my bad english