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Which proxy to use?

My requirements are:

1) It must have privoxy's functionality: hide-tor-exit-notation header filter to remove the Tor exit node notation in Host and Referer headers.

2) Must be capable to run as a reverse proxy.
Will be used in front of Web server
reverse proxy IP
http server IP
And it is imperativ that, to client, web page looks completely, like it has been served directly from IP based on all headers. (striping needed?)
Basically reverse proxy and firewall are on one IP that shall be requested by others and all others services on other IPs, like web on one IP and database on second IP/machine etc...

Which proxy is best for this?
And for that recommended proxy, could I get a working config(someone copy paste snips from theirs config that is already using this) to achieve 1) and 2) with coments for each line?

Thx in advance!