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Planning to build private network

I am currently planning to build a private TOR network for 50 users.  The goal of the network is to provide anonymous browsing and access to hidden services for the group while trying to avoid the low speeds seen in the public network.  The users will not be using the the network for file sharing or high bandwidth applications like streaming media.  The group currently uses the public network, and 12 are hosting relays.  The main complaint from the group is that the public network is too slow for comfortable use of some internet applications. (No big surprise)

I have a few questions.  

1) Will a private network address the speed concerns if built properly?  I have read considerable amounts on the subject of TOR's speed, and understand that the number of relays is not the overriding concern.

2) If the answer to 1 is yes (i believe it is), what would be the optimum number of relays to ensure privacy and speed? Is there a formula that determines the number of relays need for X number of users, with a say a 3 hop path? What about hidden services?  If there a rule of thumb for determining the number of exits to relays?  

3) What would the minimum specs of a individual relay be? How much bandwidth per relay should we strive for?

4) Assuming we build it properly, and do not abuse it, what kind of speeds can we expect from the network?