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Re: Re: Re: My tor exit node is STILL gone from the node list

Hi list, hi Lee,

> > It at least shouldn't be a problem for TOR, because it has worked with that
> > setup for months.
> Unless you know for sure that nothing has changed on the path between
> your server and all the directory servers you don't know if path MTU
> discovery being broken (if it really is) is a new problem or not.

I have again spoken to my ISP and they say routing is fine.

> What all do the directory servers need to do/see before marking your
> server as a good exit?  It'd be nice to know what they can't do that's
> keeping your server from being marked as a good exit..

I'm interested in that as well. I still cannot get it to be flagged
'Running' reliably.
Would TOR logging on my side help on this? I guess not?

Appreciate any help, I'm sure you don't mind getting 4MB/s exits back. ;-)


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