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Re: Re: Re: My tor exit node is STILL gone from the node list

Hi Alexandru,

On 8/4/09, Alexandru Cezar <tor@xxxxx> wrote:
> Hi list, hi Lee,
>> > It at least shouldn't be a problem for TOR, because it has worked with
>> > that
>> > setup for months.
>> Unless you know for sure that nothing has changed on the path between
>> your server and all the directory servers you don't know if path MTU
>> discovery being broken (if it really is) is a new problem or not.
> I have again spoken to my ISP and they say routing is fine.

Routing could very well be just fine & PMUTD still be broken..  but it
looks like the problem is with Ecatel network announcements.  Check
this out: http://bgplay.routeviews.org/bgplay/
give it your network (, select the last few days and
watch how the route bounces around.

I'd suggest getting a list of the directory servers and creating a
script that tries to connect to each one every 20-30 minutes.  Log the
status of each connection attempt and, assuming there's some failures,
go back to your provider with the list of IP addresses and times when
you couldn't connect to them.  Give them specific times & IP addresses
and they might be able to fix whatever it is.

>> What all do the directory servers need to do/see before marking your
>> server as a good exit?  It'd be nice to know what they can't do that's
>> keeping your server from being marked as a good exit..
> I'm interested in that as well. I still cannot get it to be flagged
> 'Running' reliably.
> Would TOR logging on my side help on this? I guess not?

I have no idea, but it couldn't hurt to enable logging and see if
there's anything interesting logged.

> Appreciate any help, I'm sure you don't mind getting 4MB/s exits back. ;-)

It'd be nice if somebody could give you the status/timestamp of your
server as seen from the directory servers.  That might be enough to
help your provider figure out what the problem is.