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Re: Torbutton for Mozilla Thunderbird

Sigh....... yes; especially when one (upon rare occasion) requests the
embedded http images, and thereby asks TBird to visit a web page. One
would then want the transaction monitored by both TorButton and
NoScript.  :-(

(p.s. open up about:config in TB and scan for "jav". I hope there really
is no js.....)

Flamsmark wrote:
> This is potentially a less-than-ideal solution. Torbutton for Friefox
> is carefully and specifically designed to address web-browsing
> privacy concerns, making the user seem to belong to the largest 
> possible set of potential users. Simply sending Thunderbird traffic
> through Tor may not provide the desired level of anonymity. There are
> other  privacy concerns with Thunderbird, for instance, it sometimes
> broadcasts its hostname. Moreover, there hasn't been an anonymity
> audit of Thunderbird like there has with Firefox. There may be other
> behaviours like this which completely compromise the anonymity
> benefits provided by Tor.
> On Sat, Aug 8, 2009 at 14:33, Karsten N.
> <tor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> James Brown schrieb:
>>> How can I get the Torbutton for the Mozilla Thunderbird?
>> I use ProxyButton for this job. I does a proxy switch to Tor and
>> rewrite my IP address in the header of the mail.
>> Received: from [] (helo=[]) by name@xxxxxxxxxx
>> download http://proxybutton.mozdev.org/installation.html
>> Karsten N.