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windows tor


I wanted to get tor for use on IRC, but it seems prohibitively
difficult to set up.  And I'm a programmer!

There's this tor browser bundle that I guess is supposed to make it
super easy to use, except I already have firefox, I don't want to
download another copy of firefox and set that all up.  Then there's a
torbutton on the firefox plugins page, but that's confusing because I
thought you had to have "vidalia" and "privoxy".

And then I really want to use opera irc.  That's what I have
installed.  I see no reason to use any particular browser or irc
client with something like tor.

So what I'd really like is a windows driver and control panel that
hooks into the outgoing internet, can be turned on and off, and
intercepts all traffic.  No wondering about dns leakage or anything
else.  I don't really want to run a proxy server and then run vidalia
to put things through the proxy server and then run a special version
of a browser, etc., etc..

Anyway, just my two cents.

              - Peter