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Re: windows tor

On 08/12/2009 09:43 PM, Peter wrote:
 > There's this tor browser bundle that I guess is supposed to make it
> super easy to use, except I already have firefox, I don't want to
> download another copy of firefox and set that all up. �Then there's a
> torbutton on the firefox plugins page, but that's confusing because I
> thought you had to have "vidalia" and "privoxy".

The point of the Tor Browser Bundle is to provide a pre-configured
bundle of software to provide anonymous browser without any
configuration.  There's nothing to set up, it's already done for you.
We encourage people to use the TBB for their privacy and anonymity
online, and their normal browser for whatever else they do online.

We make an installable bundle that doesn't contain Firefox and is
configured to use Vidalia (the controller) to manage Tor. But then you
have to configure your apps to use localhost:9050 as a SOCKS proxy.

> And then I really want to use opera irc. �That's what I have
> installed. �I see no reason to use any particular browser or irc
> client with something like tor.

We chose Firefox because we can view the source and figure out all the
ways to protect anonymity and privacy online.  Opera nor IE are open
source, so we'd waste a colossal amount of time (and money) reverse
engineering the software with IDA Pro or something similar.

If Opera supports SOCKS 4a or 5, then point Opera at Tor on

> So what I'd really like is a windows driver and control panel that
> hooks into the outgoing internet, can be turned on and off, and
> intercepts all traffic. �No wondering about dns leakage or anything
> else. �I don't really want to run a proxy server and then run vidalia
> to put things through the proxy server and then run a special version
> of a browser, etc., etc..

Look at torvm, https://torproject.org/torvm.  It's still alpha-ware, but
essentially does just what you want.  You mentioned you were a
programmer, join us in improving TorVM.

I'd like a pony, too.

Andrew Lewman
The Tor Project
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