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Re: 3 questions about how to setup TOR proxy chain

I think you are mistaking tor with VPN....
If you want to control where exatly your connections go you should try other software.

The whole idea of TOR is that it (the program) chooses self with its algorithm which nodes to use.
If you were able to select intermediate nodes it would become a totally different product.
I don't think that's a feature that would be wishful, anyway that's IMHO, maybe others have other ideas about this...

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Subject: 3 questions about how to setup TOR proxy chain


Could someone please answer these 3 questions (or point me to a place
where I can find the answers):

1. I understand TOR uses 3 hops in its proxy chain. Is it possible to
make it use less hops (i.ex: 1 or 2) or more hops (4, 5, ...) and how
can I do this?

2. Is it possible to define the nodes to use, so that TOR will only use
these nodes in the chain and no other (i.ex: select 50 nodes, and TOR
will randomly chose 3 nodes out of these 50 and not use the 1500 other

3. To add on point 2 above, is it possible to "statically" select 3
nodes (i.ex 2 middle nodes + 1 exit") and only use these 3? (I know
about the anonymity problems this may create, I'd only like to know if
it is possible and how to do it).

PS: I have already searched, and could only find some answers on how to
select the exit node (.exit), but not on how to configure the proxy chain.

Thanks a lot.