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Re: How can I set going more one Tor daemons?

" I have a laptop with the Debian Lenny AMD64 and I want to start
several Tor daemons in one moment, each for every  user."

I'm not sure how to do  it for each user,  but basically you have to
give each tor it's own torrc. So for instance, you can create
/etc/tor/tor2 /etc/tor/tor3, etc.

In the torrc make sure you change these values:

DataDirectory /only/for/use/by/one/tor/instance

When you launch Tor use "tor -f /torrc/location" so that it uses the
right config. I remember there were some permissions issues but I think
you can probably figure it out.


James Brown wrote:
> Flamsmark wrote:
>> On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 12:47, James Brown <jbrownfirst@xxxxxxxxx
>> <mailto:jbrownfirst@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>>     How can I do it?
>> Why do you need to run several Tor daemons? Wouldn't it make more
>> sense to start one Tor daemon under the default debian-tor user, and
>> let it accept SOCKS requests from localhost connections (possibly with
>> some authentication depending on the setup)?
> I often use several connections with one server from different accounts
> and I don't want that the admin or owner of the server or anybody to be
> able to identify me from one ip-adress.
> Becouse that I want to have possibility to connect with such servers
> through different tor-chains and different exit tor-nodes at the same
> time (from different users).