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Re: How can I set going more one Tor daemons?


On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 07:05:56PM -0400, Ringo wrote:
>>Running more than one sounds like a loss of some of the anonymity to
>>me, particularly if each user specifies different lists of nodes to be
>>used for various purposes.

[repaired quoting style.]

>If anything, it seems to me like running multiple instances (using
>default settings, nodes, etc.) would gain a user more anonymity as they
>would gain more cover traffic. Thoughts?

Cover traffic is only there if the tor instance(s) also run as relay.
In that case to be fair they should be declared a family. And then, one
could also run *one* tor node for all users with the appropriate
multiple of the allowed bandwidth, which should attract about the same
cover traffic as if you run a tor instance per user with less bandwidth
per instance.


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