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Re: IPv6

On 08/16/2009 02:54 AM, James Brown wrote:
> When does the tor team intend to include supporting IPv6 in the Tor? And
> do they intend do it in principle?

We partially do already.  Some easy things to do:

0) read the FAQ,
http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorFAQ#IPv6.  The key
sentence being "Full IPv6 support is definitely on our "someday" list;
it will come along faster if somebody who wants it does some of the work. "

1) search the Changelog for ipv6:

Tor moves us closer to handling IPv6 destinations, puts
      IPv6 addresses.
    - Generate and accept IPv6 addresses in many protocol elements.
    - Make resolver code handle nameservers located at ipv6 addresses.
    - Try to fix Win32 compilation again: improve checking for IPv6 types.
    - Merge in some (as-yet-unused) IPv6 address manipulation code.
    - Detect and reject DNS replies containing IPv4 or IPv6 records with
    - Fix as-yet-unused reverse IPv6 lookup code so it sends nybbles
      and ipv6 support. One day Tor will make use of it.
    - Correctly detect ipv6 DNS capability on OpenBSD.
      useless IPv6 DNS resolves.

2) search the codebase for ipv6 yields a number of hits.

3) searching the proposals, yields "117-ipv6-exits.txt"

4) search google for "tor ipv6" yields more hits

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