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Tips for Windows Update Over Tor

I'm not sure why anybody would ever want to do this, but I did it just
as an experiment. Basically, I installed Windows in a Qemu virtual
machine with iptables rules on the host machine that stopped it from
accessing anything but localhost (Tor).

I was never able to get the "shield icon" automatic tray updater to
work, so I had to go to update.microsoft.com through internet explorer,
scripts enabled and all. Downloads are (predictably) slow. You'll have
to make sure that all of your connections as far as Windows Update goes
are done through the same exit node until you have a chance to restart.
Upgrading from a basic Service Pack 2 installation took me pretty much
the entire day on a high speed connection.

It's also worth nothing that in a situation like this, it really pays to
pick a fast, stable exit node.

The windows genuine advantage thing seems to work fine and I didn't have
to restrict it to one particular exit node but that could have been luck.

Anyways, hope somebody finds this useful or at least a curiosity