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Re: Tips for Windows Update Over Tor

> I'm not sure why anybody would ever want to do this

Maybe for those who use illicit copies of MS products?

>  machine with iptables rules on the host machine that stopped it from
>  I was never able to get the "shield icon" automatic tray updater to

Maybe it uses UDP, or other non-TCP.

>  work, so I had to go to update.microsoft.com through internet explorer,
>  are done through the same exit node until you have a chance to restart.

Does it complain or fail if the exit changes?

>  Upgrading from a basic Service Pack 2 installation took me pretty much

Use the binary SP3 jumbo exe patch locally, then do update from there.

>  the entire day on a high speed connection.

Installing and updating windows usually takes an entire day, so that's normal.

>  The windows genuine advantage thing seems to work fine and I didn't have
>  to restrict it to one particular exit node but that could have been luck.

MS probably allows you to 'travel the world on holiday', how nice of them.

>  Anyways, hope somebody finds this useful or at least a curiosity

All depends on if _all_ the various MS updates and mechanisms are properly
signed/checked by the MS update mechanism. Otherwise, it's one massive
MITM hole. I've no idea on that.