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Re: Numbers of police-raids ?

Attac Heidenheim schrieb:
> Hi everybody,
> I think everybody who plans to become an exit-node is frightened
> of being raided by the police (even in Germany) because of the server.
> Are there any numbers of police-searches available, especially for Germany ? 

In Germany I know only one tor related raid over the last years:


(May be, it is the only one over the hole tor network?)

If you were running a powerful tor exit node, you will get in trouble
with the authorities. At most, all trouble can be solved by an interview
with your local police office. After 10-20 interviews, you will be
familiar with your police office, the police database contains enough
entries about you and you can solve your trouble by a short phone call. ;-)

At the moment, a police-search is not the main way used by authorities.

Karsten N.