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Roger's HAR2009 talk on Tor performance

From Tor Blog


Jake, Mike, Karsten, Sebastian, and I attended Hacking at Random last
week in The Netherlands. I did a talk on Tor performance challenges —
basically walking through the key pieces of the "Why Tor is Slow"
document that we wrote in March.

As usual with European hacking cons, they produced a really well-done
video just days after my talk. So if you want to get the highlights on
what we're doing to speed up Tor and what roadblocks remain, take a look
at the video and also the slides that come with it.


I just put a torrent of this up at

It uses the hidden tracker and should work for Tor users and non-tor
users. It actually appears to be down right now but it'll come up
eventually. It has both the regular .onion and the tor2web url in it.