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Re: Roger's HAR2009 talk on Tor performance

Well given this, I've added a few other trackers, file at the same spot:


The Hidden Tracker wrote:
>> It uses the hidden tracker and should work for Tor users and non-tor
>> users. It actually appears to be down right now but it'll come up
>> eventually. It has both the regular .onion and the tor2web url in it.
> Yep, we're down right now. Sorry about the inconvenience. We're
> expecting to be up and down for a little while while we make some
> fairly comprehensive overhauls. In the mean time, publicbt.org, and
> openbittorrent.com should work for you.
> If anyone wants to stay in the look about our 'scheduled' downtime,
> and other hidden-tracker-related goodness, @hiddentracker on twitter
> has all the news.