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Re: Supercookies

On 08/20/2009 10:58 AM, Ted Smith wrote:

> Wait, what? The discussion of persistent, hidden, plugin-based storage
> is off-topic for the Tor list? I would think that constitutes a security
> threat from the perspective of someone using Tor to safeguard their
> anonymity. Additionally, the question about Torbutton asked in the OP
> hasn't been answered yet.

torbutton disables flash plugins, so anything in there is locked away to
a non-tor session.

> Or is the "free software is more privacy-safe" subthread the off-topic
> one? I would also think that that is on-topic for any anonymity network
> list (any anonymity network or PET that has to interact with other
> software, at least) but I understand how it is less on-topic than the
> primary topic.

The free software sub-thread is off-topic.  Sorry for the confusion.

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