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Re: Scott made me do it.

On 08/20/2009 12:59 AM, Scott Bennett wrote:
>      Hmmm...I'm not too sure that I should be blamed for this, but
> nevertheless...

Not blaming you, just honoring you as the instigator. ;)

>      To get back to your question of why we need a proxy between a browser
> and tor, though, I would like to point out once again that privoxy has a
> lot of good, rule-based filtering.  *I especially appreciate*

I highlighted your words there to make a point.  Not everyone wants to
filter their internet, or have it filtered for them.  Some people don't
want to see ads at all, others want to see them.  I'm aware that ad
networks can destroy your online privacy and anonymity by tracking where
you visit in a session.  People have freewill and can make their own
decisions about what they want to see or not.

My testing shows that a caching proxy helps speed up the user experience
with Tor.  Personally, I don't use an adblocker nor filters, I use the
request policy firefox plugin on the "full domain" setting.

>      All of the above look good.  However, one obvious set of tests does
> not appear above, namely, to test the use of the various proxies without tor.
> This would allow more direct comparisons of the proxies' performance without
> the circuit-dependent variability one sees when using tor.

That was my first test, native polipo and privoxy without Tor. ;)

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