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Re: Scott made me do it.

I looked at Andrew's statistics.

With Polipo, if one keeps re-loading the same page over and over, it takes a bit longer the first time, but then all subsequent loads are retrieved from cache, so there's no download time. Effectively (rounding the tiny number of milliseconds for retrieval from cache to zero), looking at the same page over and over becomes instantaneous after the first time when it's cached. However, I'm not clear on the value of this, unless the cache is encrypted.

What page would I wish to look at over and over but not download?

And if I don't want the page on my hard drive, would I want it in the Polipo cache?


In a related topic, since Andrew questioned the value of Privoxy, I turned it off via Torbutton, and Yahoo mail now loads cleanly, if slowly, using only Tor. I don't notice a big improvement in overall speed, but this is only a subjective measure, I haven't really done any objective stats. And I'm not really concerned if turning Privoxy off saves me an unnoticeable amount of time.

However, I'm also wondering, what dangers am I incurring bypassing Privoxy?



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