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Re: Scott made me do it.

bao song wrote:
> I looked at Andrew's statistics.
> With Polipo, if one keeps re-loading the same page over and over, it
> takes a bit longer the first time, but then all subsequent loads are
> retrieved from cache, so there's no download time. Effectively (rounding
> the tiny number of milliseconds for retrieval from cache to zero),
> looking at the same page over and over becomes instantaneous after the
> first time when it's cached. However, I'm not clear on the value of
> this, unless the cache is encrypted.
> What page would I wish to look at over and over but not download?
Icons, invariant included pictures. On a site with frames the index.
> And if I don't want the page on my hard drive, would I want it in the
> Polipo cache?
> ***
> In a related topic, since Andrew questioned the value of Privoxy, I
> turned it off via Torbutton, and Yahoo mail now loads cleanly, if
> slowly, using only Tor. I don't notice a big improvement in overall
> speed, but this is only a subjective measure, I haven't really done any
> objective stats. And I'm not really concerned if turning Privoxy off
> saves me an unnoticeable amount of time.
> However, I'm also wondering, what dangers am I incurring bypassing Privoxy?
Unsanitized HTML can break anonymity in all sorts of clever ways.
> Yours,
> Michael
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