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Re: Scott made me do it.

On 08/21/2009 03:54 AM, bao song wrote:
> What page would I wish to look at over and over but not download?

Lots of people leave the same page up in a tab in their browser for very
long times, like baidu, gmail, facebook, bbc.co.uk, cnn,com, meebo, etc.

> And if I don't want the page on my hard drive, would I want it in the
> Polipo cache?

If you look at the tor-polipo.conf file, you'll see disk cache is
disabled.  All of this cache is in ram.

> In a related topic, since Andrew questioned the value of Privoxy, 

Just to clarify, I don't question the value of privoxy.  In a perfect
world privoxy would have caching, http pipelining, and do filtering.  If
people want to filter their browsing, then by all means they should be
able to do so.  I question the value of shipping a filtering proxy that
is enabled by default.  A growing number of Tor users choose Tor because
it provides un-censored/filtered access to the Internet.  Having the Tor
software filter the Internet by default seems ironic.

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