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Re: Annoying loop situation

On Friday 21 August 2009 22:59:01 Freemor wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Aug 2009 22:33:07 +0100
> Bob Williams <security@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > At this point, http://config.privoxy.org/ shows me I'm that privoxy
> > is enabled, but if I then disable torbutton, I also lose my privoxy
> > settings, and it reverts to 'No proxy.'
> i had this same problem once ages ago.. To fix it I had to un-install
> tor button. go into preferences and set the networking to have nothing
> in the proxy settings. (not just hitting the "direct connection" but
> actually blanking all the fields first) save those settings. re-install
> tor button.
> Hope this helps,
> Freemor
> Seemed to me atthe time what was happening is that TorButton seemed to
> store how you proxy settings were set when it was installed.. changing
> them after that wasn't picked up.. the only way to get to stored Tor
> with Torbutton off settings out was to uninstall tor button so it would
> pick up the blank settings on the re-install.

This looks interesting. I shall give it a try.  So, I uninstall torbutton, 
clear my proxy settings, re-install torbutton, select Preferences on the 
torbutton right click menu and choose 'Use recommended settings for my version 
of Firefox [Use Privoxy]?

And this will leave privoxy active whether or not I'm enabling torbutton?