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Re: Something that I don't understand about privoxy

On 08/25/2009 10:53 AM, Sadece Gercekler wrote:
 > This means when I uncheck the Enable option of Privoxy, I turn off
> filtering, but the proxy stays. And my current Firefox 3.5.2 + Tor +
> Privoxy with no filter configuration its not less safe than the
> polipo configuration in the Tor browser bundle.

Yes, privoxy when "disabled" continues to act as a non-filtering http

There hasn't been research into whether privoxy filtering adds
additional anonymity and privacy protections, at least no research that
I know of.  The real question is possibly whether ad-blockers, or domain
restrictions (such as with request policy plugin for firefox), enhance
your online privacy.  There are logical guesses here, but no
peer-reviewed, sound research that I know of.  If others know of some
research, feel free to enlighten us all.

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