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Re: PPC-only privoxy in OSX bundle

On 08/26/2009 05:42 PM, Zero Uno wrote:
> Hi,
> I just downloaded and installed the latest Vidalia bundle for OSX
> (vidalia-bundle-, and noticed that the
> privoxy task still appears to be PowerPC-only in Activity Monitor.
> Does anyone know why? Has privoxy ever been built as a universal
> executable? Is DIY the only solution?

Yes, privoxy in the current Vidalia Bundles packages for OS X is powerpc
only.  It's also an old version, 3.0.6.

I focused on building a better bundle that is simply drag and drop into
Applications rather than trying to update to bundle with current privoxy
versions.  The Apple Installer has been full of problems and
incompatibilities, sometimes even between patch levels in the same major
OS version.

The forthcoming Vidalia 0.2.2 bundle will include polipo instead of
privoxy.  Advanced users can swap out polipo with privoxy fairly easily.
 Vidalia will even start your desired proxy for you.

The forthcoming Vidalia 0.2.2 bundle will be either x86 or PPC, not
universal.  This cuts the package size in half.

Andrew Lewman
The Tor Project
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